New Foil Cards

I’m loving our new silver foil cards!

Priodas Hapus

Priodas Hapus

Oh!Susannah is always about great colour and fun design but this Spring there’s been a slightly more sophisticated approach to some of our new cards (but still plenty of excellent colour opportunities).

Special occasions in particular need a bit of glamour so the foil and geometric designs have been developed for our new welsh baby cards plus a new wedding design. The shape of the card is also a departure from our square design (these are a rectangle) but the envelope choices are still colour, colour colour and with a choice made by you the purchaser normally at the end of checkout.

The cards are not the only things that have had a revamp. After some help from Welsh Government, we’ve been working on an Environmental Policy and I’m pleased to say that where possible, I am using bio degradable cellophane sleeves on my cards or products and ditching the plastic. We are also switching to colourful paper bags for orders that don’t need a waterproof sleeve!

Our cards and notepads and prints are printed as locally as possible with many on FSC accredited paper as well and we encourage everyone to recycle cards when used.

Please take a look at the new designs; we love them and think that they add an extra dash of style and simplicity for special occasions.



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