Buy an Enamel Pin!

Sws Sws Enamel Pin

Mwy o Gariad! More love! A cute gold plated enamel pin badge on a love theme which ties in perfectly with my Oh!Susannah Valentines and Santes Dwynwen cards! The hard enamel pin badge features a couple in a cute kiss pose, absorbed in their own loveheart of happiness. The pin badge measures just over 30mm/ 3cm and is set on a cute card back. The card back says Sws Sws and Kiss Kiss which is bilingual and therefore very cosmopolitan! (Sws Sws is Kiss Kiss in Welsh). It’s a perfect give and gives a new take on wearing your heart on your sleeve (or lapel, collar or bag)..what a cutie! The pin badge is designed in Cardiff and made in the U.K. These are limited edition with only 100 made. Diolch yn fawr! On purchase, please confirm your mailing address!


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