Chapter Sewcials- Super Sundays

I can’t believe we are on summer time already!

After last term interspersed with Easter and Bank Holidays, there’s now a clear run of fabulous kid’s sewing sessions designed to be projects young creatives can get their teeth into.

Sew a Skirt

We kick start May’s session with the hugely popular skirt making. The session runs on the 21st May and lasts 4 hours (running 1-5pm). The session is suitable for 8-14 year olds and with all the class I run, there are opportunities for more advanced sewers to improve their skills as well as ample opportunity for newbies to learn some basic sewing techniques.

Sewing your own clothes is a great feeling and is actually very simple. to do. In today’s society where items are bought and used only a handful of times, the project sheds a bit of light and what goes into creating items to wear. There are lots of opportunities to personalise your own skirt within the session and plenty of snack breaks and opportunities to chill out.

4 hours may sound a lot but actually the time flies and from experience, all the children, even the younger ones stay enthused and focused throughout. For £20 (including all materials), what better way to spend an afternoon! Booking can be made through Chapter, following the link here!

Techniques: cutting, reading patterns, measuring, tacking, using a sewing machine, threading a needle, using zig zag and straight stitch, folding, hemming, (possible buttons and zips), tubing.

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