Chapter Sewcials start Jan!

The next winter term for young sewers starts on the 8th January at Chapter Arts Centre.

The sessions last an hour and a half and are long enough (most of the time!) to create a complete piece of work. Beginners and younger kids aged between 8-12 come along between 1.30 to 3 whilst the more advanced and those aged 10-14 attend the 3.30-5pm slot.

Why sewing?


paper sewing!

Learning to sew has endless amounts of practical and creative rewards. I’m a big fan in developing kid’s imagination’s and we use all sorts of materials including paper, felt, cottons and wood to create pieces of art, accessories and everyday items.
The making of a complete piece of work from scraps is hugely rewarding and along the way, everyone has to be flexible, think on their feet and realise that the learning and creating process is just as important as the end product.

A relaxed approach is taken to both hand and machine sewing (although we are very specific with the rules on ‘when sewing on a machine’. In the Autumn youngsters took to sewing with jersey fabric (making hats), paper Christmas bunting, felt Christmas decorations as well as sock monkeys and Halloween bags.

If you fancy joining us, then please give Chapter a call on (0)29 2030 4400
Terms last 6 weeks and cost £40.

Happy sewing!

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