Super Sundays!

Never too young to Make!

Sewing Skills for Youngsters

Summer sewing for kids in Cardiff takes a different term this year. We’ve swopped our weekly sessions for mammoth monthly workshops in Chapter Arts Centre.

There are 2 main reasons for the change;

  1. May, June and July are always brimming with fantastic weather and I’d rather the young sewers be out and about, finding inspiration for sewing projects and planning away for the Autumn season.
  2. 1 hour 30 minute sessions are fantastic but a 4 hour workshop allows the creative kids to get into a bigger project, spend time planning and developing a lovely piece of sewn work.

A few people have asked if these Chapter Sewcials are more difficult; I would say that there are elements to the session which can be challenging but the emphasis on all my sewing classes has been about experimentation, enjoyment and confidence building and all these workshops have plenty of leeway for new sewers to create great pieces of work.

Learning to sew has great practical benefits as well as being a fun and inspiring way to epicycle, meet new people and flex those artistic muscles, so I say, join us, get involved and come along to our relaxed Sewcials!

summer super sunday sewcials higher res


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