Adventures in..letters!

We love cards, love, love, love em! Although most of our communication is electronic, nothing beats getting a card in the post or decorating an envelope ready for a party with glitter, stickers or washi tape!

Over the last month or so, we’ve now started to expand our design from 15cm card designs to nice and big a4 and a3 prints…

It only seemed natural with our younger audience in particular that we started to explore a range of neatly messaged and brightly designed (in good taste of course!) prints. First off the block has been our Welsh Alphabet print. Yr Wyddor builds on our Alphabet range of design and features some lovely little animals and birds, perched on the correct letter.

Yr Wyddor, for Grown Ups!

Yr Wyddor, for Grown Ups!

There are 28 letters in the Welsh alphabet although there appears to be some discussion on whether ‘j’ should be included. Schools appear to have put this into the alphabet that children learn but ask a previous generation and you’ll probably be greeted with a bemused look.

The good thing for Welsh learners is that there are no silent letters meaning you won’t be caught out by words like ‘know’ or ‘pneumonia’ etc etc..even if you can’t spell them!

Yr Wyddor is the first in a range of 4 designs in the Alphabet design series. We have also been incredibly thoughtful and produced a more sophisticated Yr Wyddor A3 and A4 print (pictured above) perfect for grown up learners or Welsh speakers to have at home!

The prints are produced on a quality matt paper and look fantastic on the wall of a nursery, hallway or pride of place in the living room.

Take a look on Oh!Susannah’s Etsy shop..

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