Creating new cards, summer 2015

Oh!Susannah Diolch Card

Oh!Susannah Diolch Card

Well we’re in mid season! As a relatively new business, we’re keen to get a few ranges out to our audiences in and around Wales and keep developing the Oh!Susannah style and personality. It’s also an opportunity to decide fresh looks, vibrant colour schemes whilst getting the balance between English, Welsh and perhaps non text rich cards..given that we generate a lot of our work through typography however, this will prove a bit more tricky..

Anyways, we’re pleased to be working on our new Howdy! Range, perfect for saying hello/shwmae and how are you wherever you are. And if a card is a little on the grand side, watch out for our fab new postcards which will be on sale this Autumn. Let us know what you favourite way of greeting friends and ‘Hi!‘ your style?, or like my kids, are you more of a ‘Yeah, Ok, Yeah’, it’s you’ kind of person!

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